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Radio thmanyah | راديو ثمانية برای آندروید

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مرحله 1: برنامه Android را بر روی گوشی خود بارگیری کنید؛ Radio thmanyah | راديو ثمانية

اکنون می توانید این کار را با استفاده از هر آینه دانلود خود در زیر انجام دهید. آن 99٪ برای کار تضمین شده است. اگر فایل را در رایانه دانلود کنید، انتقال آن به دستگاه اندیشه خود را.  

مرحله 2: اجازه دادن به برنامه های شخص ثالث در دستگاه شما.

برای نصب این برنامه، باید مطمئن شوید که برنامه های شخص ثالث در حال حاضر به عنوان منبع نصب فعال هستند. فقط رفتن به منو > تنظیمات > امنیت > و بررسی منابع نامعلوم اجازه می دهد تلفن خود برای نصب برنامه ها از منابع غیر از گوگل فروشگاه بازی.
Radio thmanyah | راديو ثمانية,

مرحله 3: نصب

از مدیر فایل شما Radio thmanyah | راديو ثمانية شما حال حاضر نیاز به کردهاید شما فقط دریافت فایل نرم افزار آندروید.
پس از آن، روی آن کلیک کنید و روند نصب نرمال را آغاز می کند. "بله" را برای هر چیزی درخواست کنید. با این حال، مطمئن شوید که تمام دستورات روی صفحه را بخوانید. Radio thmanyah | راديو ثمانية

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Ever thought about enhancing your podcast listening experience? This has been our obsession for the past two years – to develop a unique experience that competes with the world's most renowned applications. After countless experiments and numerous postponed deadlines, we proudly introduce Radio thmanyah. We've been crafting podcasts at thmanyah since 2016, we understand the global market and the challenges podcast creators and listeners struggle with. Believing that our capabilities extend beyond content creation alone, we ventured into tech to continue our journey of innovation and create the ultimate podcast listening experience. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, Here’s a glance on Radio thmanyah’s key features: - The Square: Tired of the same old top charts? Discover fresh, curated content in The Square, based on recommendations from your network. Or express your thoughts on any episode you've listened to. - Import from Any App: We understand that migrating to a new app can be daunting. That's why we've streamlined the process of moving your library from any podcast app to Radio thmanyah. - Listen Without Music: Catering to a widespread preference in our Arab region for music-free listening, We developed an AI model that separates music from any podcast episode worldwide, giving you the choice. - Editorial picks: Our team of podcast enthusiasts is dedicated to curating playlists tailored to your interests, ensuring there's something interesting you can listen to at every part of your day. - The Queue: Never miss a scheduled episode again. Just add it to your queue, and we'll ensure it's downloaded and ready for listening whenever you want. - Bookmarks: Ever come across a podcast episode you're not sure about but still want to keep it handy? That's where the "Bookmarks" feature comes in. - Episode Comments: Hesitant about listening to an episode? You can check out user comments before diving in. - Smart Auto-Downloads: Whether you're on a tight data plan or running low on device storage, we've got you covered. Optimize your downloads to conserve data, storage space, or none. And enjoy a seamless, smooth experience - Over 4 Million Podcasts: Explore countless podcasts from around the globe, all in one place, with an experience tailored specifically for podcast enthusiasts.

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